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We are an elite mechanical contractor catering to the Lower Mainland in both residential and light commercial installations. With the fast progression of recent technology, mechanical systems have become quite complex. We take pride in the opportunity to learn about these advancements, which helps us develop new tactics in order to optiomize performance. From super high efficient modulating boilers to variable speed VRF heat pumps, we are equipped to take on your project.

We act with integrity in our internal and external interactions - in our individual work - in our employment policies - in our products and services - in our corporate citizenship - in all we do!

Pride in our craft:
Much of what we build can't be seen by the customer. We take as much pride in what can't be seen as what can.

We are uncompromising in our commitment to excellence, leadership, and delivering value for our client's investment.


Our Focus:
To deliver the most effective mechanical systems without compromising a building's important design details. We offer energy efficient solutions and are familiar with what it takes on LEEDS and Passive builds.

RADIANT: Our heating technicians have vast experience with radiant in-floor piping systems. BOILERS: We install hydronic boilers on new construction or retrofits. We are experts in on-demand, conventional gas and electric boiler systems. GEOTHERMAL: We specialize closed loop, open loop or ocean loop systems. We install heat pumps for in-floor radiant piping, pool heat exchangers, as well as heating and cooling for your hydronic air handlers.


AIR CONDITIONING: Let us help you achieve your heating and cooling needs. We always consider the space ductwork can require; we strive for limited impact on ceiling heights. Using the most current HVAC products allows for unique and visually pleasing finished products. VENTILATION: Since new construction homes are now built to such air-tight standards, proper ventilation is key. We have the training and experience to consider all the factors, which make adequate ventilation so important.

Plumbing & Gas

We take pride in installing quiet drainage and water services that will last for years. We offer many exceptional plumbing products and are familiar with high end fixtures from all around the globe. Our team has experienced plumbers from many unique backgrounds, offering you a well versed encounter which is sure to please. GAS: From an open fireplace to a 6 burner range, we’ve got you covered with your gas needs.


We have experience in a variety of mechanical control systems. We keep up to date with cutting edge technology, Whether it be a stand-alone system or integrated into a home automation platform, we can design a system that fits your needs.


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Pierre Paris

If you were wondering about the name, Paris, it’s not a play on the city in France. The owner, Graham Macdougall, is a member of the Paris family of Vancouver. The Paris family has deep roots in Vancouver’s history. It started with Graham’s great-grandfather, Pierre, who immigrated from France in the early 1900’s and started Pierre Paris and Sons, Ltd. which grew into a manufacturing company, retail shoe store, and clinic for custom orthotics, custom orthopaedic shoes and podiatry services, located at 51 West Hastings in the downtown east side. He quickly became known throughout the province for his extremely high quality logging and work boots, and the company was a staple in the retail and manufacturing world of Vancouver for many years. Today, three of Pierre’s grandchildren continue his legacy in Vancouver with Paris Orthotics Ltd., providing pedorthist services and manufacturing custom orthotics for clients across Canada, and beyond. As part of the third generation, Graham has branched into a completely different field, but is building on the same legacy with a reputation similar to that of his great-grandfather – one based on high quality workmanship, the highest professional standards and integrity.

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Heating & Plumbing - Graham Macdougall: 778-322-3945
HVAC - Duncan Rowe: 778-927-3945